About Us

Fundamatics is a quarterly (Jan, April, July and Oct) print (Magazine) and online (E-zine) publication by the I.I.T. Bombay Alumni Association. The E-zine is available free to all of our 45,000+ alumni and friends of the Institute and the hard copy is posted to our subscribers, distinguished alumni, retired faculty and directors (past and present) of the Association.  The E-zine has an active blog space as well as online forums with the intent of creating a happening and engaged community of like-minded readers.
For the small but dedicated group editors (called the beehive) Fundamatics is nothing short of a baby that they have nurtured with love from its inception. Meet the family members of the 2 year old baby named Fundamatics……..

The Four Musketeers of the hive:


Damayanti Bhattacharya

The resident Queenbee ( and the mommy of this baby) who wrote as an activist academic in the first part of her professional career and discovered her love for magazine publication as a part of the editorial team of Raintree. She now continues on at Fundamatics, as this is a fix that she cannot do without. Writes content in various bee avatars, and helps with theme, storyboard solicited pieces, layout, production E-zine and everything else in between. Also has a day job as the CEO of IITBAA.


Bakul Desai

A Hyderabad based entrepreneur and the resident papabee. Part of the notorious H4 and author of its equally notorious book ‘Madhouse. Currently trying to earn respectability as a Director of IITBAA. Believes that Fundamatics is his best entrepreneurial venture. Shouts at the nanny when the baby picks up huge bills. Smiles and boasts with “Beti kiski hai?” when Fundamatics win accolades. His writing forte is in humor and satire and some of the best humor pieces in Fundamatics are written by him masquerading in multiple bee personae.


Prof. Aliasagar Qutub Contractor

Alumnus cum Professor. Former Technik Editor, former HoD Chemistry, former Dean ACR, current Adviser to IITBAA, Prof. Contractor launched Fundamatics on 26-Dec-11 and soon joined Fundamatics as a columnist in his Ali Baba avatar. Famous for his sharp wit, incisive and concise writing style he seems to be doing fine without having found his “chaalis chor”. If Fundamatics is a healthy bonnie baby today, it’s thanks to this pediatrician who always monitors her health and guides her growth.

Jaya Joshi

Jaya Joshi

The midwife, without whose intervention, Fundamatics would have been stillborn. Former PRO of IITB, Jaya was the driving force behind the highly acclaimed RAINTREE which won both national and international awards. Jaya, her experience and her excellent editorial eye is a constant guide in conceptualization content and production of every issue of Fundamatics.

The Lone Rangers: Creative bees at Fundamatics

Anand Prahlad

Anand Prahlad

The visual conceptualization, aesthetics, font, artwork and layout of Fundamatics is his creative brainchild and he continues to design, cover design and layout every issue of the magazine till date. If you like the ‘look’ of this baby, it is all thanks to Anand. When not designing books, magazines, corporate identities or illustrating, he is an active gardener, culinary expert and amateur musician.

Shreyas Navare-cropped

Shreyas Narvare

The creator of the trademark bee caricatures, the sole constant illustrator for the magazine – the burden of the visual content of the magazine has been shouldered solely by this lone ranger along with Anand. We could do with some more volunteers in this department but we certainly can’t do without Shreyas, an editorial cartoonist for leading English daily who has covered elections in six Indian states and presidential polls in the US through the eyes of a cartoonist. With several solo exhibitions to his credit at home and abroad, a compilation of his works, has been recently published by HarperCollins in book entitled Politickle Pickle

Abhishek Thakkar

Abhishek Thakkar

The architect of the E-zine Abhishek Thakkar or just ‘Thakkar’ as he is known to his friends is the latest addition to this small but elite club of creative bees. He is an alumnus of H5 from C’03. Having a lot of it, he loved throwing his weight around, and escaped many a bumps which he’d have got for his PJs. Now he channels all that creative energy in designing beautiful scalable web and mobile interfaces.


Ram Kelkar

We’ve known this man forever and for too many things. Alumni leader, former webmaster, built up most exhaustive global database from scratch, fund-raiser, tireless workhorse, former President of IITBHF. But for Fundamatics, he’s the NRI uncle who popularized it on the web, on FB, on LinkedIn, on Twitter and oversees all our polls and surveys that got featured in most national dailies, either on the front page or in full page features.


The Honey Makers:-
The Backbone of this hive is our spelling (and grammar) bees and the busy bees who keep the magazine afloat. This includes

Nilesh Jain

Nilesh Jain

Nilesh, (B. Tech. CSE, Class of 1989, H5) From the inaugural issue when he wrote to the team as a irate reader unhappy about the quality of proofing and copy editing and the editors responded by asking him to put his money (in this case the much more valuable commodity – his time) where his mouth was; Nilesh responded by straddling time zones, managing impossible deadlines and yet never failing to deliver for any issue. If you believe in fairy godfathers then this baby has found one in him. Professionally, Nilesh works in Healthcare IT as Functional Architect for LORENZO and other UK and Ireland healthcare IT products. He is also an ECB-qualified Level 1 cricket umpire, and umpires in the Worcestershire Cricket League during the English cricket season.

Shirish Waghulde

Shirish Waghulde

If Nilesh is the silent worker who loves staying in the background Shirish takes that silence one step further. The former CEO of IITBAA, Shirish loves to dot the Is and cross the Ts, without striking out the Bs. (or is it….bees?). Diligent and dedicated he is undoubtedly the other god parent of this child who silently watches over the baby and returns it to mom whenever it strays.



Tejas Suma Shyam

(Dual Degree, Department of ME&MS, 2007-2012), the ba-bee (sorry about the PJ) of this group, Tejas might be too young to be a godparent but he is one of the younger benevolent uncles who is a self professed grammar Nazi. Tejas has been working as a freelance journalist with the Times of India group for the past 5 years. After a brief stint as the Technology Head of an MNC, he chose to pursue his passion- teaching. As such, his inquisitive mind seldom accepts anything without proof- English included! An avid public speaking and music enthusiast, Tejas loves to spend his spare time composing music.

The Busy Bee :


Namita Lobo

Make no mistake about this. Namita is the nanny who is helping the baby grow. She handles the ads, revenue, subscriptions, resources, payments and everything commercial. It is she who never allows us to forget that Fundamatics is a commercial venture designed to earn revenue for IITBAA. Thanks to Namita, it is now inscribed on our foreheads. She does newsletter, chapter engagement, database updates, BoD meets, minutes, HR issues and lots more at IITBAA but just whisper “I’ve got an ad for Fundamatics” and she’ll climb over chapter honchos, important alumni and everyone else and throw a dazzling smile at you. We will not shut shop as long as she’s there. Notorious for cutting costs without cutting corners.